Once in a Life Time Keepsakes

A wedding should be a once in a life time event. It marks the transition from being an individual to being a couple tied together by the vows that will have been made at the altar during that glorious day when you tie the knot. Twenty years after marriage you will want to look back with your spouse and sigh as you remember the events of the day, how perfect everything was and how it was a success. It is for this reason that every detail in a wedding is given so much attention. This article will cover wedding napkins and hopefully you will learn something helpful by the time you are done.

Wedding napkins could be used for several functions, they include:

  • As a plate where a cake could be placed
  • As a simple complementary gift
  • As a handkerchief
  • As a form of decoration

Getting napkins in bulk for each of these purposes will be much cheaper as compared to getting a different item to cater for each of the above tasks. These napkins come in different qualities that will by default be of different prices. Knowing this will help you plan your finances well. For the decorations for example you could use course and fairly tough napkins as a gift you could look for the velvety kind of napkins.

You may be thinking how do you even transform a napkin in to a kind of decoration? With a few precise and easy to learn folds you could learn how to create interesting designs that will be used to decorate tables at the wedding. To learn this you could go to the Mother Stewart website or simply search the net for tutorials on how to make these easy folds. Customelabel4u.com is also a very promising site, not only will you get to see these decorative napkins you also have the chance to purchase them at very respectable prices.

Napkins are also a good way of emphasizing or announcing whose special day it is. As you source your napkins you should ensure you get them from a place that will give you value for your money. Get a place where they will be able to print your name or initials or whatever kind of addition you would want to appear on your napkins. This is a great way to personalize them. This will be done at a smaller charge if the napkins are many. The napkins will also be a great contributing factor when it comes to maintaining a color scheme throughout your wedding. You could even differentiate people by using the napkins. Ushers could have a certain color while they bride’s maids have another color. They could use them for multiple uses, talk about kill two birds with one stone.

As an addition to the wedding favors you could have napkins with your spouse’s name and yours. This way your guests will leave with a memory of your long lasting union. They could also use them to hold a piece of cake.
As you can already tell, wedding napkins are a worthwhile investment in your wedding. You could achieve several things with them at subsidized costs thanks to customlabels4u.com.