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We specialize in small runs and help new startups get off the ground very affordably.

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Every product or garment you make needs to have nice branding for their to add a classy, professional feel to your product line.

We help make sure your labels are sized perfectly and have the highest quality possible.

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We are a leader in the label industry because we understand your needs and we deliver.

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Custom Labels 4 Every Maker

Since 2001, Custom Labels 4 U has been offering a wide range of custom labels from our headquarters here in Florida.

We specialize in small batch, high-quality label production. We offer unmatched quality, service and assistance to make sure your order is perfect!

If somehow you don't see what you need, just ask us! Our personal customer service is second to none.

Call us at 813-541-6368 or email us at 

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Design of Your Own Custom Stickers & Favor Tags!

Put your words and pictures on our elegant custom-designed labels, stickers, seals and favor tags, for the absolutely perfect way to personalize your special event or your new product.

Transform your special event or handmade gifts into unforgettable memories! Labels and stickers are pre-cut and come on peel-and-stick sheets with 6 to 48 per sheet. Click on an image to choose from our huge selection of styles, shapes and colors. 

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